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As the Rosselkhoznadzor reports, quality control of veterinary medicines put into civil circulation has revealed that the following products do not comply with the quality requirements:

- “Sedimin” (production batch 000382, shelf life 12.2021), produced by OOO “A-Bio” Company (the Moscow Oblast);

- “Vitamins and amino-acids complex “VITAM” (production batch 701219, shelf life 12.2021), produced by OOO Biovetservise (the Tomsk Oblast);

- “Otibiovetneo” (production batch 021119, shelf life 11.2021), produced by PK “Biogel” (the Republic of Belarus). 


Dec 17, 2020

The Rosselkhoznadzor conducted quality control of medicinal products for veterinary use in public circulation and detected incompliances with the established vaccine potency requirements in samples of Rotagal immunobiological (Inactivated vaccine against rota-, coronaviral infection and colibacillosis in cattle) (Batch No. 66 02 20 01, expiry date 02.2022; Batch No. 65 01 20 01, expiry date 01.2022; Batch No. 62 01 20 01, expiry date 01.2022; Batch No. 42 10 19 01, expiry date 01.2021) manufactured by Pharmagal-Bio, s.r.o. (Slovakia).


Dec 8, 2020

The negotiations between Director of Rosselkhoznadzor-subordinate FGBI “VGNKI” Leonid Kish and Plenipotentiary Minister Counselor for Agricultural Affairs of the US Embassy in Russia Deanna Ayala were held on September, 26 in FGBI “VGNKI”, Moscow. 


Sep 26, 2019

The Working Group on Agriculture was held within the 5th meeting of the Russian-Ecuadorian Intergovernmental Commission for Trade and Economic Cooperation in the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation on May 14 of this year. The Rosselkhoznadzor was represented by the specialists of the Central Office and its subordinate institutions – the FGBI "ARRIAH", the FGBI "VNIIKR", the FGBI "Grain Quality Assessment Center". 


May 14, 2018

On December 19 the working meeting between the Rosselkhoznadzor and a delegation from the Islamic Republic of Iran took place in Moscow. The delegation had arrived in Russia in order to inspect a veterinary vaccine manufacturing establishment preparing for the export of veterinary vaccines to Iran for its compliance with the GMP requirements. 


Dec 20, 2017

On September 14, 2017 the Fifth International Forum “Anti-Counterfeit-2017” was opened in Bishkek. It was devoted to development of common measures and approaches to control of illegal turnover of industrial products in the framework of Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).


Sep 15, 2017

The 4th recurring workshop of the OIE national coordinators for veterinary preparations takes place on October 11 – 13, 2016 in Budapest, Hungary. Welcome speech was made by regional and sub-regional OIE representatives as well as OIE headquarters representatives.  


Oct 13, 2016

The third cycle of seminars for the OIE national focal points for veterinary products is taking place in Ohrid, Macedonia on November 18-20. The OIE regional and subregional representatives as well as representatives of the OIE headquarters delivered a welcoming address.


Nov 19, 2014